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Opening Hours - Mon to Fri: 6pm to 2am Open hours list
  • Hayal Menu

    Hayal Menu

    Click here to view Hayal menu, beverage list and to see the restaurant menu specials, including our Saturday Brunch, Breakfast and weekly events. 
  • Hayal Festive

    New Year’s Eve at Hayal

    Welcome 2023 with an eclectic, artistic and modern Turkish atmosphere at Hayal.

    Saturday, 31st of December

  • Hayal Turkish Breakfast

    Hayal Turkish Breakfast

    Hayal Turkish Breakfast
    Enjoy a delicious Turkish breakfast at Hayal - a perfect spread of succulent dishes ideal to share. An experience for the senses, and definitely a picture you'll need for your Instagram feed!

    Saturdays & Sundays 8am - 4pm

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    Hayal Turkish Breakfast